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The Zbeda group is basically an automotive group, which spreads over different domains in the automotive industry. Each of its companies has its own product range and specializes in it.
The group has various target groups to which it addresses.

The ELROM Import & Marketing was founded in 1999, in order to provide solutions for specific customers, by combining all the Zbeda Group's activities under one roof.

In the past few months, the company started to import items directly from manufacturers from all over the world, together with its existing range of products, provided by the other affiliates in the group. By doing so, it allows customers to deal with only one supplier, which can answer to all demands, within the industry.

ELROM Import & Marketing has two divisions:

The first division is the Automotive Buses Industry. ELROM is a supplier of both bus companies and bus builders. ELROM is now considered to be one of the biggest suppliers to the bus builder's industry in Israel.

The second division, is the Baby Care Product, which initially based on baby products for cars and developing into the wide range of baby care products in general.

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