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Baby Division

The ELROM baby care products division was founded in order to combine the Zbeda Group's activities on a specific target group - Babies and children.

Due to the automotive nature of the Zbeda Group, ELROM initially focused on baby car products.

The first line of products is infant and baby car seats, which is imported from well-known European leaders as Britax UK, Concord Germany and Nouva Meyster Italy.
The second line of products includes car products with cartoon figures. The Zbeda Group is the official authorized distributor of the Looney Tunes of Warner Bros. and Disney, for the automotive section.
This range of product includes window shades, baby organizer bags, child's seat belt covers, thermal baby bottle bag and thermal baby food bags.

Due to the potential which was discovered in the baby car accessories, ELROM has decided to expand its activities to all different sections of baby care products.

The company is now focusing on smart products, which provide a solution to the every-day problems, which mothers are facing e.g. breast feeding related products.
In addition, all accessories for twins and triplets e.g. strollers, carriers and other gadgets, which are specifically designed for handling twins and triples and make the mother's life easier.

The company has two distribution channels, in which it operates:

The first channel is targeted to baby care wholesalers around the country. This channel is suitable for all baby care products.
The second channel, is the automotive channel. This channel is suitable for car-related baby products. These products are distributed in Automotive Chain stores and automotive wholesalers.

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